The Legal Services Act: Impacts & Opportunities

The Legal Services Act: Impacts & Opportunities

Contributed by Jessica Wilson on 19 November 2015

Given the interesting and important shifts we have seen over the last three years in the legal market, specifically the emergence of new LPO and legal service providers, we thought it was timely and pertinent to explore in more depth the emergence of new legal services firms.

Our latest whitepaper ‘The Legal Services Act: Impacts & Opportunities’ discusses this seismic shift, offering an insight into what the developments will mean for law firms, staffing agencies and in-house counsel.

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At Pure Search, we’ve already seen the effects of this shift in the market. There is much greater demand from our client’s for transparent costs in legal services, a call for more of a ‘fixed fee’ model, and a continual emphasis on ensuring the quality of legal services.

We hope this whitepaper provides a useful insight into these new developments. For a discussion around its contents and the issues surrounding them in more depth, please contact Matt Simmons on +44 (0) 20 7429 4482.