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From Associate Director to Managing Director

Pure Search career case study: Liam Richardson

Liam joined Pure’s Hong Kong office in October 2010, as an Associate Director tasked with building our FS legal capability in Asia. A recruiter with five years experience in the Hong Kong FS legal market, he was looking for a platform from which to leverage his relationships, build a team and diversify into Compliance and Risk. He felt Pure Search not only matched his ambition but was willing to invest in talent and growth.

Having focused on building his desk at Pure Search in the first nine months, Liam then recruited two consultants to provide additional coverage of the FS legal market and made our first Compliance hire in Asia.

Going into 2012 the FS sector team was taking shape and, over the course of that year, Liam added further staff in Compliance, Risk, Operations and Wealth Advisory to take his team headcount to eight.

When one of Liam’s hires moved from Hong Kong to set up our Singapore office, Liam worked with him to establish an FS Legal, Risk and Compliance capability in Singapore.

By the end of 2013 the FS team was responsible for 40% of Pure’s revenue in Asia, and considered market leading in Legal, Risk, Compliance and Tax across the region. Given his success in building an FS infrastructure recruitment business, and his broader contribution to the success of Pure Search in Asia, Liam was ideally positioned to take the Head of Office position when Barrie Sanderson (then Head of the Asia business) relocated to run Pure Search’s US business.

Liam is now responsible for a multi-disciplined, market-leading search practice and has developed a far broader skill set than he had before he joined Pure Search. Needless to say, his earnings have increased in line with his responsibilities and contribution.