Client Services

Pure Search is dedicated to providing global, industry-leading client recruitment services.
Our core search and selection offering is built around:


Intelligent Database Matching

For the markets we cover, Pure Search has one of the largest and strongest databases of candidates, and we are unparalleled at the senior level. All our candidates are coded by technical skill, industry sector and level of experience, enabling us to match a client’s exact requirements.


Networking and Market Presence

Our reputation and networks ensure that we can identify candidates who are not currently active in the job-seeking market, or are otherwise inaccessible. This is particularly valuable when sourcing top tier talent for a commercially sensitive role or those with specialist skill sets.



Our experienced consultants rigorously interview each applicant through a tiered process involving several stages, to ensure that we are able to select the most appropriate shortlist for each requirement.

We also offer a wide range of specialist client recruitment services, over and above the core search and selection offering. These are designed to provide the information you need to make key decisions across a range of areas including hiring, budgeting, business planning, remuneration and general team strategy.
Each service may be purchased separately or combined with others to create a bespoke solution to your particular needs:

Advertising can play a critical role in the attraction of top tier talent. By working in partnership with our clients, we regularly develop successful attraction strategies and provide brand building campaigns that raise the profile both of the role and the business.

Competitor Profiling
Our in-house research function provides regular, up-to-date analyses of market conditions, which can be customised for individual businesses. In conjunction with our specialist focus and comprehensive network, this allows us to assess competitor organisations in terms of capability and advise our clients on which areas to build up or address accordingly. This service provides you with detailed information on an agreed list of key competitors. Areas covered would include organisational structure, product strengths, P&L, hiring history and threat analysis.

New Market Entry Analysis
This service allows you to assess a market which you may be considering entering. We are able to identify your potential competitors' strengths and weaknesses, thereby helping you to avoid their mistakes and improve upon their successes.

Perception Analysis
You know what you think of your competitors and clients, but do you know what they think of you? Our perception analysis reports give a true and accurate profile of the way the market assesses your product offering, your business and the people within it.

Salary Benchmarking / Succession Planning
Pure Search is uniquely positioned to provide strategic advice to organisations wishing to benchmark the skill, experience and remuneration of their staff against counterparts in other organisations. This is invaluable for staff retention, and can be a useful measure against unexpected team departures, allowing you minimise the impact of losing key personnel.

Pure Search regularly produces salary surveys benchmarking senior professionals internationally, and we are able to provide bespoke surveys for our clients.

Team Builds & Establishing In-House Functions
Pure Search has over 15 years’ experience supporting companies seeking to restructure, expand or relocate their tax, legal & finance departments. Often this includes assembling an entire team or assisting companies to bring a previously outsourced function in-house, for the first time. Our consultants regularly work in partnership with our clients to help scope, design and assess recruitment criteria against their organisation’s strategic objectives.